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7-Step Lawn Care Package

Our 7-Step Lawn Care Property Maintenance Package


At Labelle Property Maintenance Services, we make sure that all of the lawn care work you need is taken care of correctly from start to finish. That’s why we offer a complete 7-step system that leaves your lawn and property looking perfect all season long. From start to finish, our lawn maintenance process is designed to take care of every aspect of your lawn care. Here’s how it works:   


Step 1: Lawn Mowing

To get started, our lawn care specialists will begin by mowing your lawn. At Labelle Property Maintenance Services, we use commercial grade equipment to ensure your lawn mowing is finished quickly and efficiently.


Step 2: String Trimming

Once the lawn has been mowed, the next step in our lawn care system is string trimming. During this step, string trimmers will be used to level any hard-to-reach areas of your lawn that couldn't be accessed with a lawn mower giving you professional, even results.


Step 3: Power Edging

With commercial power edger’s, our lawn maintenance experts will go over any curbs and walkways on your property to create crisp, clean lines. This will ensure that every walkway or curb looks professionally done and there are no areas where grass or weeds leave a messy finish.


Step 4: Power Redefining

Similar to power edging, we will also do power redefining. This is when we go around garden beds, tree rings, and similar areas within your property resulting in defined edges around any features of your lawn for a professional look.


Step 5: Trimming and Pruning

Lawn care is more than just cutting and trimming the grass. During our 7-step system, we also do trimming and pruning around your property. During the trimming and pruning process, we will work on ornamental trees, bushes, and hedges.


Step 6: Manicuring Gardens

No matter how good your grass looks, lawn maintenance doesn't stop at your hedges and grass. To complete a cohesive and professional look, our lawn care experts will also manicure garden areas to remove spent flowers.


Step 7: Landscape Blow down

To finish things up, we use high-powered equipment to blow down your lawn to remove excess grass trimmings, spent flowers, twigs, leaves, dust, and other debris that was left over during your lawn maintenance. This makes your lawn and property look polished.


If you live in the Kitchener or Waterloo areas and are in need of professional lawn maintenance, consider working with us. Labelle Property Maintenance Services specializes in year-round, comprehensive property maintenance. Call (519) 277-9443 today to request a free quote or schedule your 7-step lawn care package.

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